Judo is practiced everywhere in the world today. This outstanding physical and spiritual discipline originated in Japan towards the end of 19th Century as the result of the efforts of the great master Jigoro KANO to integrate various schools of martial art then prevailing under the name of “jiujitsu” into one well-structured physical training based on clear philosophical principles and purposes.

As Judo has earned worldwide popularity and has become one of the most strongly competed sports in the Olympic Games and world championships, competition rules and even the nature of the discipline have undergone inevitable changes, of which many people argue about the grounds of these changes.

As you may imagine, Japanese also argue about these points but it seems that Japanese are not good at expressing opinions internationally. Many amateurs of Judo abroad may be well interested in knowing Japanese views and thinking about matters related to judo. That is why I undertake now to communicate Japanese opinions or what is happening in the field of Judo in Japan. Because of its global interest, Judo can bring together the minds of people internationally. Views and information about Judo in Japan may help contribute to that purpose. I hope you enjoy reading this site and welcome your reactions.